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New Year’s Resolution 2014: Pursuit of Genius

So this is year two in my three year set of resolutions to get my life on track.

I’m not sure what track yet, but we’ll see.

This past year, although I didn’t post about it and only told a handful of people, my goal was to work on my body…dieting, working out, and generally getting in better shape. Or at least the shape I was in during high school.

Well, I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ve learned a lot of things…but mostly I’ve learned it’s a lot easier to do something like this with support. Last year I couldn’t find the words to explain, but this year after having the one person who was behind me 100 percent move away after a few months of exercising with me, I realized the more support I can get the better.

So first an overview. Basically I decided last year I needed to work on myself. Purely selfish reasons, but I felt so out of balance and out of touch around this time last year I felt I needed to work on body, mind, and spirit. So last year was devoted to my body. I will definitely reaffirm my resolution and put it in clearer and stronger words rather than having some nebulous goal. This year, however, I will be creating an addendum that will be goals for improvement of my mind. Hopefully, that’s enough background and someone else in the world understands why I felt I needed to do this. 🙂

So, for 2014, I firmly resolve to:


1. Find and stick to a healthy diet.

2. Work out at least 3 days a week.

3. Get down to a 40 waist, or 200 lbs which ever comes first.


1. Learn to only keep important information in my memory.

2. Learn to study and retain information better.

3.Fill my head with important information related to future endeavors.

And well…that’s it.

It won’t be easy, but I hope enough people in my life read this and encourage and support me to help me reach my goals.

Happy New Years everyone!