A Day Of Reflection: My beliefs

I know this is very late.

I apologize. Life got in the way. A LOT.

But here goes.

Officially, so you have a name to grasp on to I am an agnostic deist.

But in reality, since names have associated connotations either in either a positive or negative direction I’d prefer if we left labels at the door.

This is mainly because people see agnostic, and lump me in with atheists. But I believe in God, for reasons I can’t quite quantify.

Basically, the core of my belief is that we cannot truly know or understand anything about God. Now this is basic logic…since we cannot understand infinity, we certainly cannot conceive of a being who exists beyond our finite existence.

And truly understanding infinity is impossible for a finite being. We can get the concept, or idea of infinity. But actually conceptualizing it doesn’t work. I know this because I’ve been trying since I was first introduced to the concept in mathematics.

Think about an apple. What do you know about an apple? You can probably imagine what it tastes and feels like…everything about it. You understand more than just the concept of the apple. While you may not know the cellular structure of an apple, someone does…it can be known.

Infinity is not something we can know, except as a concept.

Enough about that.

Everything else I believe is a heterogeneous mix of random things that I feel like must be true. I’ll admit it, I’m kind of a picker (think American Pickers) of beliefs. I find one, dust it off, hold it up to the light and if it has value and merit I keep it. If not, I cast it aside.

This means, for the most part, I don’t see the need for organized religion. I believe if you can establish and maintain a relationship with God that has nothing to do with a religion (which are wholly created by humanity in their search for God) why follow a doctrine that you don’t need?

It’s not easy. And I’m not some how saying I am better because I didn’t need religion. I’m just saying that is where I am in my journey…who knows where it leads? I like going to church, and I grew up in a great Christian community. But as with every group there were some hypocrites and I decided when I encountered them that I would never go to church if I couldn’t believe in the doctrine the church put forth.

Basically, the rock solid core of my beliefs is love.

Love for everyone, equality for everyone. I try to treat everyone like my family, and give them the benefit of the doubt. I work hard…not for reward but for satisfaction of a job well done. I do my best to appreciate the little things…basically I take something I learned in Boy Scouts to heart. I do my best. In everything.

Anyway, I hope that was some insight into my beliefs. If you have more questions or thoughts, feel free to comment or email me.

To steal an old old sign off from one of my friends,

Faith, Hope, and Love, always and forever



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