Why indie games are the future

So I am awake, at 8 am. So totally not a morning person. I have changed my layout about 5 times, and tweaked things here and there and I think I have finally settled on one that I like.

Now on to the reason for this post. First, here is some help if you have no clue what an indie game is.

More and more I see the game industry going towards small independent game studios rather than the big corporate ones. And the reason for this is simple. Big corporate studios can’t (read don’t want to) take the risks that a small independent developer can and indeed has to by the very nature of their enterprise. And yet you see independent games becoming more and more popular. Why? Because usually they are innovative, quirky, and refreshing. And it’s not that the large corporations can really be blamed, they are just protecting their investments…but at the same time if they took a few risks and put themselves out there now and then they could do some really impressive and amazing things like the things indie developers are able to accomplish on their own.

Anyway, what follows are a few links to my favorite indie games.

Not sure if Torchlight counts, but I’m moderately sure Runic Games didn’t have a publisher until after the release of Torchlight.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Please post your comments or thoughts and share them with me, especially if you don’t agree.


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